WWDC2019: what's new at Apple

WWDC 2019:
what’s new at Apple

Last week, WWDC 2019, the annual conference organised by Apple and dedicated to the presentation of the main innovations introduced, was held in San Jose (California).   iOS 13: New features and improvements In this operating system, which is still in the beta phase, the Dark Modefunction has finally been implemented, i.e. a kind of…

La rivoluzione della connettività 5G

5G revolution

Nowadays we hear a lot about 5G and the radical changes it will bring to connectivity. In fact, 5G has very high-level prospects as it promises to connect everything and offer very high bandwidth as well as a low-latency service compared to previous standards.   Evolution of connectivity 5G stands for ‘fifth generation‘, an evolutionof…

Assistenza informatica illimitata

MSP: Unlimited IT support at a fixed cost

The term MSP (Managed Service Provider) describes a way of working that is now typical of many IT support companies. An MSP contract is an ‘all-inclusive’ service with a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure, usually after signing a contractof varying duration. The main feature and advantage is that several services (telephone and…