Organization and training

IT solution believes that the aspect of training and organization is now very strategic not only for structured realities, but also for more familiar or artisanal realities.

Several rules provide for the introduction of organizational models and regulations, from workplace safety to ISO 9000 models, from EU Regulation 679/16 (GDPR) to organizational models for the prevention of crimes(Legislative Decree 231/01).

Also from an organizational and communicative point of view, companies and activities are increasingly closer to the world of the WEB, the Shop-on-line, social networks and smartworking; areas in which it is essential to acquire certain skills to transform them into business tools.

A single interlocutor

IT solution pays the utmost attention to these areas because only through the harmony between IT systems, strategies and people can the challenge of globalization and sustainability be overcome. This is why we have signed important partnerships with consulting companies ready to support even small businesses, the heart of our territorial economy.

And with this partnership we are able to be the only interlocutor in the provision of comprehensive, adequate, sustainable and high quality services.

The advice proposed

  • Quality and environmentalmanagement models
  • Adjustments to the GDPR (European Privacy) to also facilitate the use of marketing and visibility
  • Management and control models Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Organizational and legal consultancy in employment relationships, such as smartworking regulation
  • Training in the world of “light skills”,Soft-skills, to create strategic figures in organizations, such as the ability to manage time and delegate, leadership, group and project management, motivation, effective communication .
  • Auditing: reality analysis and weakness assessment.


Furthermore, all organization and training activities are easily implemented remotely with web conferences and protected document sharing, both to respond to the current Covid-19 emergency and to improve the efficiency of actions in the future, with high economies of scale, making the introduction of these methods in realities of any size extremely sustainable .

Why choose IT solution consulting

Tailor-made projects

We create customized projects with the aim of reducing and solving business criticalities.

Reliable solutions

We carefully choose and propose the most reliable solutions on the ICT market.

Speed of intervention

The promptness in responding to requests for assistance has always been a valuable element that distinguishes us.

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