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Cloud Server is the private cloud service, redundant and guaranteed by our infrastructure.
You can choose the type of server and configure its characteristics, to access your virtual infrastructure. The infrastructure can be composed of one or more servers, with the possibility of expansion or reduction in real time according to needs, in a simple way and without initial investments, paying only for the resources used without waste of any kind.


A useful service to
GDPR compliance

Only you control the data you put on our cloud

Your data within our infrastructure are under your total control. As a cloud service provider, we guarantee that we will not access the data you put on our cloud and we exclude any kind of use on our part: we do not sell your data to third parties and we do not trade in data. All this is guaranteed and certified as our services comply with the CISPE Code of Conduct.

The data of our customers are in Italy!

European network and data center Rating 4

Our European network allows you to choose between 3 data centers in Italy: you can activate your cloud services in a few minutes in all the infrastructures you want. Our data centers are certified at the highest levels for the resilience and infrastructural quality required by the ANSI / TIA 942 standard.

Privacy and confidentiality without exception

Our infrastructure is not subject to compliance with US laws and regulations such as the Patriot Act or the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), which impose measures whose application allows access to data and information, significantly affecting privacy.

ISO 9001 certification

Compliance with certain security standards in the management of company data and information, preserving their integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Infrastructure security

All Data Centers are equipped with advanced logical and physical security systems (surveillance, monitoring, energy backups and plant redundancies

Why choose IT solution cloud server


Activate your data center, add or decrease resources as and when you want. We will help you to easily manage single Cloud Servers or complex structures.


Expand or reduce your structure; archive your servers for later use; modify the characteristics of your resources and choose from the dozen available configurations. Thanks to the scalability of the service you can adapt the structure to your needs at any time.


Thanks to the ‘pay per use’ system, you only pay for the resources you use. With IT solution Cloud Servers, you reduce waste and eliminate initial investments. With IT solution Cloud Servers, you reduce waste and eliminate initial investments.

Without limits

The network traffic of each Server inbound and outbound is unlimited and included in the price. You will never be charged for the amount of data sent or received in internal or external networks by your Server.

Services included

Public IP

The public IP associated with each Server is included in the price of the Cloud Server itself.

Free monitoring

A Cloud Monitoring plan (Free) included for each Cloud Server Pro activated.

Windows license

The cost of the Windows license is included in the hourly price of the single Cloud Server.

Our technologies

Operating systems and applications

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