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Cloud Nextserver is a flexible service for file synchronization and sharing. You can have your files always at hand on any device: mobile, workstation or via web access.

The service is completely similar to that provided by other players (Google drive, Dropbox business etc.), but in the case of Nextserver the documents reside on a dedicated server in the cloud: this means having full control of your datawithout any limitations.

Cloud Nextserver has multiple features: in addition to the classic sharing of files and folders, it provides a web client to access all your resources, it is a safe and secure tool thanks to specific policies for backup and disaster recovery, and much more. Discover all the features.

Why choose Cloud Nextserver by IT solution


This is a user-based service, tailored to your various needs.


It allows you to work anywhere and with any device.

Without limits

An unlimited space for storing your data.


Your data is safe thanks to encrypted communications and reliable backups.

Our technologies

Sharing files and folders

The privacy rules and the need to improve these operations have found an answer in a service with strong profiling, with a fundamental access reportand a very convenient shared network trash.


Active Directory e GPO

Users and Profiles are essential to better manage your infrastructure. Cloud Nextserver, in addition to connecting to any existing Active Directory or LDAP database, provides the network with a real AD controller, complete with the powerful Microsoft Group Policies.

File Web Access

Local Files, Shared Folders, Google Drive, DropBox… how many places can we put all our data! And then? We have to remember where they are to find them and access them with an ever-changing tool.
Cloud Nextserver provides a simple web client to access all your resources, and never get lost in the sea of ​​documents.



You write mobile, you read mobility. Cloud Nextserver is available from your smartphone thanks to the standard apps and connectors for Android and iOS: ActiveSync, CalDav, CardDav, XMPP.


Your documents everywhere, safely. Control and security with the corporate personal cloud.


Documents Editor Online

Collaborate on documents with your team without downloadingthem locally. No limitations in online document editing, works with files of all sizes and complexity.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Each data must be associated with a real and adequate backup policy, from the simplest and most streamlined to the most complex and full-bodied. For this Cloud Nextserver has focused its attention on a Disaster Recovery system on various types of media (local or remote) and a native Cloud Backup containing system configurations and data, for instant recovery.



This technology is a decisive step forward towards the implementation of an effective “Business Continuity” solution, but with limited investments. In fact, it creates the redundancy of two servers connected to each other via the network with periodic content synchronization. In the event of a failure of the main system, it is possible to restore operations in a very short time, with very limited down-time, replacing it with the secondary one that contains the system and synchronized data.


Where there are data, emails, connections… security is essential. This is why Cloud Nextserver, in addition to guaranteeing the security and robustness typical of systems, protects all communications and archives with an integrated Antivirus and Antispam system made with the most modern technologies and continuously updated.


Continuous updating and monitoring

An outdated and unmonitored security system becomes ineffective after a short time; for this reason Cloud Nextserver is characterized by two fundamental elements:

  • automatic updating of all critical modules(virus definition, antispam rules, hacker intrusion table…);
  • remote monitoring via the service center which verifies the correct functioning of the system and alerts the administrator in case of anomalies.

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