VoIP telephone systems

The telephone systems of IT solution exploit the VoIP technology, for which service continuity must be guaranteed and, working in the network, the maximum possible security.

Easy to configure, VoIP telephone systems allow you to access any database and show the user information in real time about the caller and decide who to forward the call to based on more or less complex rules.



The proposed telephone solutions are open and integrated with the entire company information system, capable of offering advanced communication and collaboration services: data, voice and video.

Cross-platform client

The IT solution telephone systems are equipped with a multi-platform client that fully achieves the strong integration between user, switchboard and information system: the many collaboration and communication functions (attendance panel, address books, etc.) make it an indispensable tool for users in daily operations.


CallCenter and Reporting

A plus of the IT solution telephone systems is the CallCenter module, suitable for both small businesses and large call centers, which allows you to measure and evaluate the quality of the telephone service provided, giving important information for an adequate sizing of resources.
A rich reporting also allows you to monitor company telephone communications at 360 °.

Why choose IT solution telephone systems


Manage calls like a big company.


Never stop your communications thanks to a solid and reliable switchboard.


Never miss a call again and work wherever you are with our web and mobile app.

Team oriented

Make your team communication more efficient and never be alone.


Goodbye complex web interfaces. A few clicks and communicate immediately.


Save time and money by cutting bills and telephone costs.


Cutting-edge and innovative voice platform thanks to its Open Source heart.

All in one

Fixed and mobile lines, softphones and web. Communicate in a unified way.

Our technologies


Reliability is a fundamental characteristic of a powerful and complex system like Cloud Voice. In order to guarantee maximum continuity of service, elements such as:

  • HA. Cluster of 2 devices with zero-time… Predefined and certified configurations for the most popular VoIP Providers
  • MultiSite. Possibility to work in Master / Slave or Paritetic mode with automatic recovery.
  • Geographic Failover. Distributed Cloud Voice infrastructure synchronized with each other through the HotSync module and able to guarantee Local Survival in the event of problems with interconnections between offices.
  • Proactive Monitoring. Through the portal it is possible to monitor and manage the installations, before a fault turns into a disservice for the customer


Working on the network, on the cloud and distributed systems, the security aspect is of primary importance for IT solutions.
Cloud Voice integrates a true firewall, complete and expandable with all the functions of the UTM Cloud Security, thus having a particular focus on this fundamental aspect.
Among others we find:

  • Integrated Vpn Server
  • Encrypted Protocols. WebRTC/WSS, SIP/TLS
  • Proactive analysis of attacks and intrusion attempts (Fail2Ban, IDS / IPS …)
  • Proactive Monitoring

Smart Communication

Cloud Voice can access any database and show the user information in real time about the caller: from simple personal data (centralized directories) to complex information (eg unpaid, negotiations, orders, purchases …).
Cloud Voice uses this information to dynamically route the call. This function overcomes the traditional IVR in which the caller chooses who to talk to by pressing buttons; here is the system which, after recognizing the caller, decides who to forward the call to on the basis of more or less articulated rules.


Cloud Voice is a new open telephone solution integrated with the entire company information system, capable of offering advanced communication and collaboration services: data, voice and video.

Its OpenSource heart has been enhanced by countless modules and functions, to simplify its use and allow a strong integration with the data present in the company, while maintaining the openness feature aimed at allowing maximum flexibility to anyone who intends to develop their own integrations using the most common programming languages.

Cloud Voice concentrates in a single solution, adaptable to various business needs, the functionalities of the traditional switchboard (PBX) with the most innovative features of advanced telephone systems.


Cloud Voice analyzes your network and detects all the IP telephone devices of the most popular brands (Cisco, Yealink, Snom, Sangoma, Akuvox, Grandstream…). With a simple wizard, it will then automatically configure and profile both the phone and the user.

Cloud Voice is able to configure the system in the best way, both in the presence of traditional lines and VoIP Providers:

  • Autodiscovery and Provisioning on gateways (Sangoma, Patton, Mediatrix …)
  • Predefined and certified configurations for the most popular VoIP Providers


CloudCTI is a multi-platform client that fully realizes the strong integration between user, switchboard and information system, displaying the information automatically taken from the various company DBs (accounting situation, negotiations, purchases, tickets, …) and presenting them on popup based on the profile user (administrative, technical, commercial, …).

The many communication and collaboration functions make it an indispensable tool for users of daily operations.

Pannello Presenze

Allows complete viewing and real-time interaction with all extensions, queues, parking lots and external lines. With the simple use of the mouse it is therefore possible to interact with calls (based on the permissions received): call, divert, transfer, park, record, intrude, listen.

Call management: Mobile, Extension, Forwarding, Voicemail, Recording

A series of quick access keys allows you to interact with ongoing phone calls, activating and routing calls as needed.

Headings: Centralized, Personal, Shared, Short Numbers and Company DBs

Each contact displayed on the screen will provide a series of functions based on the data found: call, send sms, send faxes, display on maps, …

Notes and Post-it notes

Of great use is the possibility of taking notes, private, shared or assigned to other colleagues (eg guy has looked for you … call him back as soon as you can …) which will be displayed in the personal bulletin board. The reservation option will also ensure that in the call notification everyone sees any post-its or who has an ongoing issue with the caller. Each action can also be notified via email / sms (e.g. when the user does not have the CTI panel open).

Softphone and WebRTC technology

The CTI integrates softphones with WebRTC technology; this innovative protocol makes it possible to expand operations by improving mobility, offering the possibility of use in the cloud and simplifying company telephone management. WebRTC also supports video mode which will soon be enabled to integrate video calls.

Integrated communication: Call, Chat, SMS, Post-it

At any time the user has direct access to the numerous communication possibilities, seeing in real time the status of his colleagues (free / busy, DND, in chat, out of office, …)

Mobile App

“Mobility” is now the watchword when it comes to unified communication. IT solution has developed a modern and functional app using the most innovative technologies such as WebRTC, to make the CTI always available, even on the move, on smartphones and tablets.

Video cameras and video intercoms

It is possible to view video streams from different sources, added through the Cloud Voice configuration module. For example, video door phones and IP cameras, which display the image of who is ringing the doorbell in the call notification pop-up.

Telephone answering machine and time management

All incoming numbers in Cloud Voice can be managed independently by the various users (for personal pass-through selection) or by the secretariat (for managing generic numbers). The CTI’s After Hours module allows you to set behaviors other than those preset to manage unplanned closures, bridges, holidays or simply activate the answering machine in a free way.

Operator Panel

In situations with an intense flow of incoming calls, a fast and dynamic sorting system is required, which instantly and clearly gives the operator information about the caller and the status of the user to whom the call is to be transferred. The Operator Panel meets this need thanks to a careful ergonomic study, an all-in-one display and the use of dynamic and intuitive transfer techniques, such as “tap” and “dag & drop”. As for the telephone call, the operator can use the integrated WebRTC telephone or any external VoIP physical device.

Voicemail Management

Each user has the ability to customize their voicemail and manage their messages.

CallCenter management

Fundamental in the management and care of customers is the welcome they receive when they contact us by phone; the Cloud Voice call center module, suitable for both small businesses and large call centers, allows the quality of the telephone service provided to be measured and assessed in real time, providing important information for an adequate sizing of resources.
The system consists of three components: realtime supervisor, telephone bar and statistical reports.

Supervisore Realtime

It is the tool dedicated to the call center administrator who can monitor the status of queues and operators, the daily statistics and the realtime monitor, as well as interact with the management of operators (login / pause) or interfere in conversations for training or quality activities assurance.

Telephone bar

It is the operator interface of the CallCenter with which the daily login / logout / pause activities are carried out, as well as displaying the real-time monitor of the queues: calls in progress, on hold and connected operators.
The telephone bar works by driving its own integrated WebRTC softphone or any other external physical voip phone.

Statistical reports

The reporting of a call center, but more generally of all calls received with relative assessment of the quality of the service provided, is a fundamental element for all those companies that use the telephone to work and provide services (technical assistance, commercial, marketing, toll-free numbers …).
Cloud Voice reports allow, through summary dashboards and analytical and performance data, to always have under control the effectiveness and quality of the work of your collaborators (quantity, duration, waiting, origin, hourly distribution, SLA, abandonments … ).


Cloud Voice is equipped with a rich report that goes from the simple personal and company call log (Received / Revenue / Missed / SMS …) up to a precise statistical analysis relating to telephone charges (calls made) and to the call center (calls received).

Charges report

In addition to being able to export call data for external analysis software (eg Blue’s), Cloud Voice has a rich built-in telephone cost analysis system, with dashboards, reports and graphs for operator, contract, user, cost center, distribution geographical …


CloudHotel is the Cloud Voice component for using the switchboard in hotels or accommodation facilities. In these specific areas, the functions offered by CloudHotel are: checkIN / OUT / Cleaning, charges, extra management, alarms and alarms.
NethHotel can work in two ways:

  • integrated with existing management systems, through the FIAS protocol
  • Using its own simple and intuitive web interface, which can also be driven by typing codes from the telephone or function keys.

Report CDR

Traditional basic functions and the potential of the open system

Among the peculiarities of CloudVoice, one of the most important and useful aspects of an IppBX stands out: the Call Detail Report (CDR). CloudVoice has one of the most granular and detailed reports in the category and allows you to search in every area:

  • Calls can be filtered by date, time, caller, called, source, duration, account, context, outcome …
  • Voicemail
  • Inbound routes
  • Call groups
  • Code
  • Voicemail boxes
  • IVR
  • For caller
  • Hourly distribution
  • Geographical distribution
  • Load charts
  • Hourly charts
  • Charts for inbound routes
  • Graphs by area
  • Graphs by average duration

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