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IT Solution, a leading company in the IT sector, was born in 2014 from an entrepreneurial project developed by Francesco Ongaro and Enrico Bucatari.
Ongaro, previously involved in a company in the IT segment since the early 2000s, wanted to move all his know-how with this important project, making it available to the new company.

“In the past I spent a lot of time managing the problems of individuals, professionals and small companies, with this project we try to give concrete solutions to SMEs, today more than ever the nerve center of the national economic fabric.”

Today the company is made up of a staff of IT engineers, systems engineers of various levels, experts in the implementation and management of information systems, all with a common mission: to be a competent and reliable partner for every customer.
We have adopted an organizational model that provides for a strategic approach that is developed with a personalization of the projectand, at the same time, a standardization of operating procedures.
From planning, to after-sales assistance and constant personnel certification, the internal procedures of the Quality Management System manual are followed, based on UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

IT Solution, in addition to being a supplier of services and goods,
aims to build a partnership relationship with other companies
in the IT sector
for a shared goal: to increase efficiency,
the competitiveness and value of the company.


IT solution proposes itself as a partner for the design, development and subsequent management of advanced IT infrastructures in engineering and manufacturing companies, professional firms, public bodies and medium-sized enterprises.


How can we help you?

Through an AUDIT and a reorganization proposal, our specialists study tailor-made systems to ensure the “resilience” of corporate information systems, information and data security, and operational assistance to users.
Solutions are chosen that are able to fully respond to the needs of each individual structure in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, costs and human approach.

The implementation of a cloud infrastructure and the activation of a datacenter equipped with shared, scalable and redundant storage compatible with the business models of each company: this is the basis of our projects able to give constant support to the growth of company.

IT solution believes that a business policy based on
a managed quality system is now more than ever a requirement
indispensable for the organization of company resources.

The continuous search for improvement, the verification of operations and processes, the evaluation sheets of suppliers and partners, are all activities necessary for the correct management of the customer, the starting and ending point of a complex process constantly monitored in the Quality Management System based on norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The constant search for business improvement is pursued through the adoption and maintenance of a quality management system for customers and suppliers: triangulation allows constant growth in productivity and improvement of work processes, as well as business.

IT solution has long signed its corporate ethical vision, to transparently express common values ​​in relationships with all the people with whom it has relationships.

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Our team

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    Francesco Ongaro

    Commercial manager

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    Samantha Traina


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    Alberto Lanzoni

    Technical assistance

  • null

    Chiara Ferrarato

    Graphic consultant
    Web services manager

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    Sara Avanzi

    Marketing office manager

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    Lodovico Mabini

    Technical adviser
    GDPR manager

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    Davide Grossato

    Technical adviser
    VMware specialist

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    Giorgia Previati

    Secretariat e

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    Claudio Tramarin


IT Solution increases its presence and skills through a community of technology partners.

To give more space, greater competence and greater presence on the territory, IT Solution has signed many partnerships over time, expanding its ecosystem.

The integration between the various companies makes a solid group of specialists available to each customer, who work alongside those who develop organizational, production and service processes.

The alliances created allow each customer to deal with a partner of the highest level and to have a more widespread territorial coverage at national level.

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