The safest way to keep your data

  • Automatic scheduling of cloud copies

  • Multi-OS management both on-premise and in outsourcing

The Cloud Backup service allows you to make image-based backupsof your machines, clients or servers and save them in a dedicated portion of our datacenter. The data is encrypted and there are no risks that could impact the security of the information. The collaboration with leading technological partners and innovative suppliers of Availability solutions allows to obtain a complete protection of the operating environments.

Cloud Backup allows you to restore an entire operating system to the original host or to a different host, including fast rollback to restore only the changed blocks. The technique used, not making use of the network capacity and resources of the machines for data transfer, guarantees the minimum possible overhead and the maximum transparency of execution. The protected machine is fully safeguarded regardless of the operating system installed.

Given the purely infrastructural nature of the service, Cloud Backup can also be used in the form of File Backup to obtain total protection: physical, virtual and application. The solution also allows quick recovery of individual disk files and allows you to back up your organization’s applications by defining the frequency and preferred persistence and the possibility of restoring both the entire backed up machine and individual files contained in it.

The service includes a desktop and a mobile application for file synchronization as a Private Cloud, such as to allow free access to company information regardless of where you are. The configuration reflects the provisions of the GDPR.

Ideal for you if:

  • You want to manage your backups in complete safety by relying on our latest generation Data Center system;
  • You want to choose between a pay-as-you-go and a package rate plan;
  • You want to customize your backups100%;
  • You want to manage your backup system on multiple operating systems.

Why choose IT solution cloud backup


Creating, scheduling and restoring backups becomes very easy, even remotely: all operations are carried out through a single graphic interface


Cloud backup uses advanced compression and deduplication systems to better transfer, maintain and manage your data.


The encryption systems (AES) and the security protocols (AES and SSL) used for the transfer and connection of your data guarantee the highest standards in terms of security.


Connection Agent and Management Console allow you to manage all backups safely, efficiently, quickly and reliably, on any platform and operating system

Cloud backup is useful for GDPR compliance

Encrypted transmission

Transfer via SSL encrypted channel to avoid “unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted”.

Data protection

AES encryption with the ability to encrypt the content on the storage with AES-256 to “ensure adequate security of personal data”.

Compliant with CISPE

The guarantee mark establishes compliance with the CISPE Code of Conduct and guarantees the freedom to store and process data within the European Economic Area.

Choose where to store

Ability to choose the infrastructure where to activate your service in the Aruba Cloud Data Center network in Italy and Europe.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your infrastructure in the simplest and safest way

The Disaster Recovery service allows you to protect your infrastructureboth within your company and on the Cloud in a professional, simple and secure way.

Through a self-service web panel on a secure connection, you can independently create Disaster Recovery plans and policies, selecting the source (primary site) and destination (secondary site) of your choice from your on-premise VMware virtual infrastructures and / or enabled datacenters to the Private Cloud service.
In a few minutes you can create consistent auto replicas between remote sites and activate a fully functional Disaster Recovery procedure.

Each Disaster Recovery solution has two measurement parameters:

  • the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) describes the amount of data not yet synchronized in the event of a disaster.

  • the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) represents the time needed to complete the procedure to make your services active again on the disaster recovery site.

The replication mechanism adopted by the service is based on Zerto technology, which optimizes, deduplicates and compresses the data to be safeguarded, ensuring minimal impact and reducing the RPO to values ​​that can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, even over international distances.

The low RTO is instead guaranteed by an extreme ease of use, guaranteed by a simple secure self-service web panel which, in a single step, allows you to start the fully automated recovery procedure. In a few seconds the system is able to carry out the passage of production data to the disaster recovery site.

To verify the operation of its own disaster recovery procedure, the customer has the possibility, at any time and independently, to launch Disaster Recovery tests. The test makes a disaster recovery attempt, activating the machines in the secondary site, without going in any way to interfere with the production machines (primary site), allowing you to verify that replicas and disaster recovery procedures are working correctly.

As with all our services, the“Managed” optionis available, which allows you to manage the entire life cycle of your Disaster Recovery solution to qualified technical personnel.

Our technologies

veaam features

Technical specifications

Software used

Veeam vCloud Backup

Control mechanism

HTTPS web panel present in every data center enabled for the service.

Integration with vCloud

Complete. The customer logs in in SSO (single-sign-on) with the same vCloud credentials and has the ability to operate directly on their vApps and VMs to submit them to protection.

Ability to define custom backup plans

Yes. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis including the ability to choose the backup start time.

Granular recovery

Yes, there is the possibility to restore a single file or an entire folder.

Restore on different machine

Yes, for each machine.

Disk space reduction mechanisms

Yes. Through deduplication and compression techniques.

Packages available

The disk space is cumulative so each package contributes to add 200 GB
(2 TB with the Large package) of space to the total available.

Standard package

1 VM and 100 GB of disk space (actually occupied net of compression and deduplication).

Large package

1 VM and 2 TB of disk space (actually occupied net of compression and deduplication).

Service Level Agreement

IT solution makes two different assistance channels available to its Cloud customers:

  • helpline;
  • ticket assistance.

In both cases, the customer has the opportunity to speak directly with expert techniciansable to solve infrastructure problems inherent to the service.

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