Improve Professional Mail Management

Backup, archive and indexing, without changing emails!

Through IT solution Cloud MailStore you can keep your referral email for your customers or colleagues but enhancing many aspects that are often not considered until they generate criticalities: little ease in finding emails or attachments that we need, vulnerabilities of emails or PECs, mailboxes that reach full memory, deletion of emails without a backup and much more.

Find out how By integrating Cloud MailStore you will be able to have a performing backup, archiving, indexing system that you have never had before.

Email is one of the most important communication tools within a large company as well as for a single professional. In fact, it represents not only a quick communication method but also a real INFORMATION RESOURCE from which it may always be necessary to go and draw.

The information sent by e-mail, in fact, is generally not stored by other parties. They simply remain in users’ mailboxes with the risk of being unintentionally deleted or trashed after a certain period of time.

CLOUD MAILSTORE helps companies and freelancers every day!

It will allow you to protect your information, reduce the consumption of resources and offer you and / or your employees the possibility of ALWAYS having access, quickly and easily, to this information in case of need.

The main challenge

ricerca mail

Businesses usually have well-functioning mail servers or groupware solutions for email communication at their disposal.

However, these systems were not designed to store emails for long periods of time or for mass retrieval.

In practical terms this can create technical problems (functionality, resources, performance), have legal consequences or impose financial constraints.

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And this is where IT SOLUTION’s CLOUD MAILSTORE comes into play: a real archive for your emails that can be considered as an extension of the existing email system without any space or time constraint.

All the advantages of Cloud MailStore:

archiviazione e-mail

Freedom to define archiving policies

It is the administrator who defines which emails to archive and which not to, when to archive, which emails to delete from the email server once a copy exists in the archive and what are the requirements for deletion.

protezione dati e-mail

Legal and economic advantages

Cloud MailStore can help customers fulfill their obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allowing the creation of sophisticated retention rules.

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Lower IT costs

Overloaded mail servers, rising storage costs, and complex backup and recovery processes strain IT departments and their budgets.

Cloud MailStore reduces these costs and helps reduce the economic risks associated with data loss or legal action. It also reduces the workload of the E-mail Servers.

Reduction of Backup and Restore times

By reducing the data load on your email server, you can backup and restore much faster in the event of a failure.

Users can restore emails from the archive with a single mouse click!

Incremento della produttività

Cloud MailStore offers a quick full-text search for emails and the files attached to them.

With Cloud MailStore, when an email server goes down, or its data has been lost, all users will still be able to access their email messages saved in the archive.

Business continuity is simplified, without interruptions!

At any time, all emails can be exported from the archive in the most well-known standard formats for email.

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Compatibility with all mail management systems

Cloud MailStore supports almost all email systems and archiving methods and needs minimal system requirements as well as little maintenance.

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Today this revolutionary tool can be yours

for only 9 euros per month excluding VAT!

In addition, for the entire month of February the cost of configuring the storage server (worth 149 euros) will be FREE!


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