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The term MSP (Managed Service Provider) describes a way of working that is now typical of many IT support companies. An MSP contract is an ‘all-inclusive’ service with a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure, usually after signing a contractof varying duration. The main feature and advantage is that several services (telephone and remote help desk, backup, security, monitoring, updates, etc.) are offered at a fixed cost. In this way the client can know from the outset the budget to be allocated to the activity.


Benefits of using an MSP

The main features of a Managed Service Provider include:

– Unlimited telephone/remote help desk.

– Proactive management of the infrastructure with backup, security, updates, etc.

Whereas in the classic on-call IT support model, the technician intervenes to solve a problem that has already arisen, the MSP works proactively to prevent the problem from arising. This is a great advantage for the customer, who no longer has to suffer interruptions or slowdowns in his business.

Thanks to this contract, working in outsourcing mode, through constant monitoring and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, downtime of the infrastructure is minimised, in the mutual interest of supplier-customer. In addition, the MSP is not remunerated for the hours of IT support provided: it gives the customer the peace of mind of knowing that if problems occur, he can contact the company as many times as he wants without having to worry about increased costs.

By dealing with the entire infrastructure, through unlimited IT support, the MSP becomes the only point of reference for all customer queries, saving time and money in calling in various experts to find out what the problem is.

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