tirocini universitari in IT solution

As of this year, IT solution, which is always ready to take on new initiatives, is also welcoming young students to its premises for university internships, during which they will put into practice all the theoretical concepts and techniques learned during their three years at university. In spite of this particular period, due to the presence of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have chosen to support young people by complying with all the provisions regarding protection and prevention of infection.


Communication sciences applied to the web sector

From this week until mid-December, for a total of 300 hours, we will be hosting a student in our company for the first time to do their university internship. Gianluca is a young man from Rovigo, who studied technical high school (accounting – administration, finance and marketing) and is currently in his third year of university studies in Communication Sciences and Technologies at the University of Ferrara. The aim of the three-year course of study is to acquire adequate theoretical-methodological, linguistic and computer skills. In addition, the student will focus on learning specific skills and carrying out professional tasks involving communicationin public and private spheres, the promotionof cultural events and information, as well as the production of texts and messages adapted to different contexts.

Gianluca, after finding our website, was impressed by IT web, a business unit of IT solution that supports companies in the management and use of web and digital technology, and becomes part of this reality by carrying out his internship with the aim of deepening his knowledge and learning new techniques in the field of social marketing, the work he would like to do in the future.