The Veneto Region has decided to mobilise for large families with a 500 euro reimbursement in the form of a voucher. Specifically, the voucher can be used for the purchase of digital devices for distance learning for children.

The project co-financed by the Region and the European Social Fund is called “Digit-ALI” and consists in the possibility for families with at least four children, or triplets, residing in Veneto, to obtain a refund of 500 euros for the purchase of desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, tablets, smartphones, but also routers, peripheral keys and devices for Internet connection, software, etc..

The regional councillor for education, training and employment, Elena Donazzan, made the following statement: “With this initiative we intend to offer indirect support to families living in Veneto, in particular those with several children, because we believe there can be no recovery if families continue to become poorer. All students must have the opportunity to participate in distance learning activities: the right/duty to go to school is a universal right, affirmed by the Constitution, which must also be applied by the institutions in real-life situations. The Region has decided to invest 2.7 million euros in resources linked to the European Social Fund and intended for families as part of the ‘anti-Covid manoeuvre’ last July, to guarantee direct support for schools in the ‘Covid era’, and in particular for the most fragile students and families with the greatest economic problems”.


Who is entitled to the voucher

Households with at least four children or tripletsunder the age of 18 and an ISEE not exceeding 40,000 euros on purchases made from 1 February 2020 until 30 September 2020 (the date on the tax documentation will be taken as proof) can apply for the voucher. The application for the voucher must be submitted by 30 October 2020.

In Veneto there are about 6000 potential large families who can benefit from the voucher.

How to make an application

Useful information on how to apply for reimbursement (recipients, requirements, documents to be submitted, contact points) can be found at Families can also ask for clarification by email at or by calling 049/8658965 or 049/8658955.


For the province of Rovigo, assistance and advice on submitting an application are free of charge by contacting directly (click on the name to access the contact details)


The promotion and management of the project can count on a real network created on the regional territory by its partners, starting from the lead partner ENAIP Veneto and the operational partners FICIAP Veneto and CNOS FAP Veneto. Thanks to these three vocational training bodies, in a very short time, more than twenty counters were set up in all the provinces of the Veneto region, at their premises, to handle applications, with the involvement of about fifty operators at the disposal of the public. Giorgio Sbrissa – CEO of Enaip Veneto – explains: “This is an important and particularly significant project at the start of a school year that we know will be full of uncertainties, in which distance learning could once again present itself as the only possible alternative. For us, schools have always been about collaboration and synergy with families, and we want to work alongside them every day as ‘good allies’: contributing to their digital innovation means not leaving anyone behind.”

The project also involves Anci veneto, Acli Veneto, Forma Veneto, Caritas diocesana Rovigo-Il Manto di Martino onlus, Caritas diocesana Padova – Associazione Adam onlus, Caritas diocesana Vicenza-Associazione Diakonia onlus, Diocesi di Belluno-Feltre, Diocesi Patriarcato di Venezia, Forum Terzo settore del Veneto.


A calendar of webinars will also be published shortly on http://www.famigliedigitali.netto explain the project to families and provide them with “instructions for use” to facilitate the submission of applications.