After numerous installations throughout the country, our technicians have been able to verify that the Covid-19 thermal imaging camera is not only extremely functional for the needs of medical emergencies, but also very easy to use.

The thermal imaging camera can be installed at automated gates but also at normal entrances, counters or waiting rooms with a table, wall or floor mount.

Once installed at the entrance of your business, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

The Covid-19 thermal imaging camera will autonomously carry out all the necessary analyses to ensure the safety of your business and its people.

The body temperature is checked with a voice and sound alert indicating whether access is allowed or not. In addition, if you connect the system to an automated access gate, the system is able to set up whether or not to open the gate.

The thermoscanner can automatically recognise whether the person is wearing a protective mask. If this is not the case, he can report it and in this case, too, he can block the opening of the possible access.

In addition, thanks to a powerful algorithm, the thermal imaging cameracan also manage access control through biometric verification and record the entry and exit of each individual.

The management software for these cameraswill be provided free of charge so that you can carry out a centralised control of one or more units and manage the database yourself.

Obviously, since this device needs to meet specific requirements and is essential for the regularity of your business, it is important that the installation follows certain procedures: this is a true professional thermoscanner.

That is why you will be supported by an IT solution specialist right from the project phase!


Don’t waste any more time! Request a consultation and discover the Covid-19 thermal imaging camera with all its advantages!


We supply our thermal imaging cameras throughout Italy and offer maximum technical support. Discover the Italian and International companies that are restarting in total safety and improving the management of the flow of customers or employees without incurring penalties or problems related to distancing.



The thermal imaging camera that helps your business restart with 100% control and safety!

Having noted the needs of Progetto Fitness, IT solution identified its “Covid-19 thermal imaging camera” proposal as the best solution to meet the requirements.


The thermal imaging camera that helps your business restart with 100% control and safety!

Sicc Tech, faced with the emergency created by the spread of Covid-19, has identified a threefold need in order to be able to continue normal production activities within the company, allowing employees to carry out their work in total safety


The thermal imaging camera that helps your business restart with 100% control and safety!

IT solution, after carrying out an in-depth audit using diagnosticand monitoring tools of the infrastructure, decided to take action to put the clinic in total safety.