Basic medicine in Rovigo

The medical office has been carrying out its outpatient activity for years in our area. Divided into two distinct outpatient facilities located in central Rovigo and in the hamlet of Sarzano, it operates in the field of basic medicine.

The intervention of IT solution


The medical office first asked for our support in 2003. Over the years, various requests have been made which can be summarized as follows:

  • Request for hardware supply for all outpatient facilities.
  • Need to increase the reliability and stability of information systems.
  • Need to adapt the security standards present on the computer network in order to guarantee fast data recovery.
  • Need for video surveillance of the rooms.
  • Need to detect body temperature and check the presence of a mask automatically.
  • Have an access register that allows you to intervene in a targeted manner if there are cases of contagion from Covid-19 or similar.


IT solution after carrying out an in-depth audit using diagnostic tools and infrastructure monitoring, decided to intervene through the following corrective actions:

  • Hardware supplyfor all outpatient facilities.
  • Migration of data and email services to our cloud datacenter to improve service performance by eliminating the risk of information loss.
  • Installation of a video surveillance system with relative registration in the cloud.
  • Installation of the Covid-19 Thermal Camera: a latest generation hardware and software instrumentation that also offers the possibility of monitoring access to the studio in order to intervene in a targeted manner if new cases of contagion arise to preserve the safety of the structure itself and its own patients.

What is Covid-19 Thermal Camera?

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