A reality consolidated over time

Sicc Tech Srl is a company located in the industrial area of ​​Rovigo whose production site covers an area of ​​55,000 square meters of which 21,000 square meters used for production as well as a covered warehouse of 3,500 square meters.
The commercial structure of Sicc Tech uses a consolidated network present in 39 countries around the world that distributes the products included in the compressed air and thermo-hydraulic business divisions.

Thanks to automatic production lines and robotic welding stations, Sicc guarantees reliability and precision for a high quality standard. Its know-how of over 43 years of experience allows processing with sheet metal thicknesses up to 100 mm, with diameters of 6 meters and pressures up to 200 bar for international distribution and certification of its products.

The Sicc Tech brand represents Italian excellence in the field of design and production of pressure equipment for the thermo-hydraulic, compressed air and oil & gas sectors.

The intervention of IT solution


Sicc Tech, faced with the emergency created with the spread of Covid-19, found a triple need in order to be able to continue normal production activities within the company, allowing employees to carry out their work in total safety:

  • Having an automatic monitoring system for measuring the body temperature of employees, thus obviating the presence of a figure prepared for this task.
  • Always check the presence of the mask automatically.
  • Have a meticulous access control that allows you to intervene in a targeted manner if there are cases of contagion from Covid-19 or similar and it is necessary to secure the structure and its employees with the possible possibility of recording the entrances and exits.


Having identified the needs of Sicc Tech, IT solution has identified in its proposal “Covid-19 Thermal Camera” the best solution capable of responding to the triple requirement presented.

  • With the Covid-19 Thermal Camera, Sicc Tech relies on the latest generation hardware and software instrumentation, capable of replacing the human presence in the activity of detecting body temperature as well as checking the presence of the protective mask.
  • The Covid-19 Thermal Camera also offers the possibility of monitoring employee accesses to the structure in order to intervene in a targeted manner if necessary. Furthermore, in this specific case, the access control detected by the thermal imaging camera will gradually be implemented with other systems in the company to ensure that employees’ entry and exit can be monitored via facial recognition, so as to draw up a real register.

What is Covid-19 Thermal Camera?

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