Tailor-made training courses

Progetto Fitness is a well-established reality in the Paduan area that makes its strong point the offer of targeted services designed to respond to thedifferent needs of users, tailor-made programs for the achievement of individual objectives.

Equipped with a large equipment room, a training room and a refreshment point, Progetto Fitness offers its users:

  • personalized training cards;
  • personal training service;
  • post-operative recovery;
  • food and nutrition education service;
  • bio type analysis;
  • phytotherapeutic consultant;
  • …and much more!

The intervention of IT solution


Progetto Fitness, in the face of the emergency created with the spread of Covid-19, being a highly frequented activity aimed at socialization, has found a triple need in order to be able to continue to provide its services in total safety.

  • Detect the body temperature of users automatically, thus obviating the presence of a person predisposed to this task.
  • Always check the presence of the mask automatically.
  • Having an access register that allows you to intervene in a targeted manner if there are cases of contagion from Covid-19 or similar and it is necessary to secure the structure and its users.


Having identified the needs of Progetto Fitness, IT solution has identified in its proposal “Covid-19 Thermal Camera” the best solution capable of responding to the triple requirement presented.

  • With the Covid-19 Thermal Camera, Progetto Fitness relies on the latest generation hardware and software instrumentation, able to replace the human presence in the activity of detecting body temperature as well as checking the presence of the protective mask.
  • The Covid-19 Thermal Camera also offers the possibility of monitoring the accesses to the structure in order to intervene in a targeted manner should new cases of contagion arise to preserve the safety of the structure itself and of its users.

What is Covid-19 Thermal Camera?

In particular…

… the intervention of IT solution led to the execution of the following activities:

  • Evaluation of how to install the system within the company context.
  • Wall support adaptation for wiring containment and thermal camera fixing.
  • Network cable replacement cat. 5 problematic with cat. 6 shielded 10 meters with poe adapter for connection to the existing data network.
  • Device configuration and update to the latest software release. CMS configuration on customer’s HP server. Check hardware interface between device and turnstile.
  • Change firewall security settings in order to allow the system to function properly.
  • Performing functional tests on people present and adjusting the temperature detection position.
  • Illustration of the main features of the system to the owner of the structure, defining with him the methods of remote technical support.
  • Illustration of the main features of the system to the owner of the structure, defining with him the methods of remote technical support.
  • Resolution of a reported problem relating to temperature detection in situations of light (solar reflection from the frame present in front of the camera) not present during installation.
  • Data export from management software for massive user import for facial recognition functions in order to integrate the access turnstile.
  • Complete integration of devices (access system, turnstile, management).
  • Definition of organizational models for the correct functioning of the system.
  • Technical documentation release.
  • Activation of the monitoring system and remote management of the system.

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