My name is Camilla Barbin and I am attending the third year of the three-year degree course in Communication Sciences and Technologies at the University of Ferrara.
Today an interesting and important new experience begins for me, the internship. IT Solution will give me the opportunity to practice the knowledge that I acquired in these three years of study, carrying out 300 hours of field work.

The degree course I am attending aims to train specialist in public and social communication, ready to support companies in everything releated to the communication process. Particular attention is paid to marketing, to advertising and to effective communication techniques to keep in touch the company with its customers and to satisfy their every single necessities.

I will carry out my internship in the Marketing office, where I will have the opportunity to follow Giorgia, my company tutor, and to see how business communication is managed.
I am very excited to be able to understand how the various professional programs work, to create and publish articles for corporate websites and to keep their social networks active.

I can’t wait to start!