An internship is a period of training that allows you to acquire professional skills through hands-on experience in a company. IT Solution offers concrete opportunities for comparison with the world of work through the promotion of internships in the company.

This is the end of Sara’s training at our company, and she described her experience as follows.

Sara’s experience

“My name is Sara Chiorboli, and I am in my final year of studying Language Mediation in Advertising, International Marketing and Public Relations at CIELS University in Padua.

The three-year degree aims to train experts with a know-how of business management, with particular reference to the communication processes of companies. This internship has been a great opportunity to enrich my knowledge and skills.

I was placed in the marketing department, followed by Giorgia. Right away, I found a professional and calm environment that allowed me to put myself out there. All IT Solution staff is available and ready to help if needed. All agreed upon goals were achieved through the use of various web platforms, such as WordPressand IT Solution’s new support site. In both cases I was able to see concretely how the world of communication and marketingworks on a practical level in a company.

I followed the line of my studies also in the linguistic field, through the translationof articles to facilitate the use of the site to people who speak English. I’ve done blog articles in a variety of genres, from food to automotive to home. I have achieved goals and acquired skills that have allowed me to put into practice the theoretical notions, taking care of the management of social networks. I also assisted with customer care, which is critical in an IT company, especially with the advent of remote support.

It has been interesting to see the day to day operation of the IT Solution machine. Machinebecause all the components are essential to the operation of the whole thing, and I assimilated that during this month-long internship.

I would like to end by thanking the company for this opportunity, which has allowed me to improve my communication and relational skills, as well as making me grow professionally and personally”.