Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom is a German multinational company that produces the world’s first and leading brand of professional and business VoIP phones.
Snom is a premium European brand renowned for pioneering VoIP and mass production of VoIP. It produces robust, high-quality, feature-rich business phones designedexclusively for trained and certified IT installers and PBX professionals and universally compatible with leading PBX platforms.

Snom aims to provide you with devices that guarantee high quality communications wherever you are and wants to be at the center of your communications, whether it’s through your cell phone, your desk phone, your computer or anything else.
Snom has more than 4 million endpoints installed globally. It’s a very strong footprint in the small to medium business VoIP telephony market with a loyal customer base that provides continuity over the years. We also cultivate long-standing partnerships with EU telecom operators of all sizes. IT Solution infact is also a Snom authorized center for technical support.


Snom’s Products

Snom’s main differentiators are our extremely high standards of voice quality, our high quality of service and our high quality of service. Our German-engineered products that provide reliability, resilience and remarkable RIO, and the value-added capabilities of Snom software, including SIP standards compliance, ease of provisioning, feature richness and security. Customers benefit from a reliable and trustworthy product that delivers good ROI and increases staff satisfaction through its ease of use, integration into enterprise systems and high-quality audio.


Snom‘s range of phones is rich in solutions for operations, call center and executive workstations, with color displays, programmable BLF keys, Wi-Fi integration.
Snom specializes in VoIP telephony for unified communications.

The IP phones are interoperable with any IPPBX (3CX, Yeastar, Broadsoft, Freepbx, Asterisk, Elastix etc) providing standard SIP extensions, but they can also be used as an IP terminal for a virtual switchboard (cloud PBX) provided by any IP operator or telecommunications company.

Snom offers Microsoft Skype for Business optimized IP phones, in addition to the standard SIP versions.

The German company, (acquired by Vtech Group) also produces the PA1audio amplifier integration system with which to manage calls via amplifier/speaker on IP PBXs equipped with SIP extensions. PA1 is an excellent interface for audio amplifiers and electrical load control via IP (even remotely).

As far as the DECTwireless systems are concerned, we find the M325and M700solutions.

M325 is a stand alone system that supports wireless repeaters, (so for small structures up to 20 terminals), while the M700 solution, is aimed at companies and accommodation facilities even of large size, thanks to the possibility of installing DECT cells on LAN PoE and, to these, also the wireless repeaters M5, so as to obtain dect coverage of large areas and with many terminals, with the possibility of remoting cells and terminals in geographically distributed locations.