Cyber attacks by cybercriminals are the order of the day.
Pandemic and the every-growing symbiosi between man and technology will be accomplices, but the activy of these cybercriminals towards our compter system is increasingly frequent.


The attack to SIAE

The last important hacker attack inItaly was recorded on 18 October 2021 and targeted SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), the company that manages the rights of artists from the world of entertainment and culture, from the recording to the television and publishing.
The criminals’ loot is composed of about60 gigabytes of sensitive data.

From the first evaluations it seems to be a ransomware by Everest Team, a type of malware that limits the access to the device or that codes user’s data that infects Requires a ransom to be paid to remove the restriction or to prevent the publication of decrypted data.

The hacker of the case in question have already published on the Dark Web a small part of the stolen data to prove the authenticity of the hack and they have requested a ransom of 3 million euros in Bitcoin to prevent the publication of the remaining data

The SIAE seems to be not willing to pay the ransom, “We can’t give in to blackmail of criminal persons, we have already made the complaint to the postal police ant to the guarantor of privacy as usual, we will constantly monitor the situation” announces Gaetano Blandini, the general manager of the company.

Among the stolen and published data there are: identity documents, contracts between artists and companies, recognition of works, IBAN:a real tragedy for the victims of this story.

But this, as anticipated, is only the latest in a long series. On August 19, it was the Regional Health Agency of Tuscany to be under attack, on July 31 the information system of the Lazio region, on October 6 the Twich platform and many others…

The only solution to these phenomena is to take strong precautionary measures, because cybercriminals will not end up here.

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