The Legislative decree of 21.09.2021 establishesthe requirement to verify the Green Pass for access in companies, for customers and employees, from 15 October to 31 December, day in which the emergency state ends.
Currently in Italy, over 3 millions workers are not vaccinated, and this measure has a duel purpose: to safeguard workers and prevent new outbreaks and new closures.

Can not access to the company those without:

  • Green certification “Green Pass”
  • Covid-19 recovery certification in the previous six months
  • Negative result of a swab (rapid antigen performed within the last 48 hours/ molecular test performed within the last 72 hours)

Are exemptfrom the Green Pass requirement in the workplace Those who can show a certificate issued by their doctor or a specific QR code that will be relased soon, wich certify the impossibility of receiving the vaccination for health reasons or because they are still awaiting its release (in the case of last minute vaccination).


Privacy treatment

The personal data processed will be: name and surname, date of birth, result of the verification of the Green COVID-19 certificate validity. The provision of data is mandatory for access to the company. The decree expresses the prohibition to memorize and keep such data, much less to transfer them to third parties.



For the worker: In order to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplaces, if an employee declares to be without the Green Pass, he is considered in unjustified absence and he will lose his salary until he adapts to the new legislation. The employment relationship is suspended, but the employee will not lose the ownership of his position, neither he will receive a disciplinary sanction.

In the situation in which an employee without a Green Pass enters the company ignoring the prohibition, there is an administrative penalty ranging from 600 to 1.500 euros.

For the employer: if the empolyer does not appoint a manager and consequently does not carry out the necessary checks, a penalty ranging from 400 to 1000 euros will be incurred.


Verification method

These checks should be carried out at the time of access to the workplace; where not possible, a sample check can take place when the staff is already inside the offices. The Government wanted to leave full organizational autonomy, in order to manage the question according to its own reality.

The employer is required to verify the recpect of the provisions and to identify with a formal deed the persons in charge of ascertaining violations and contesting of any violations

Are you wondering what tools to use for verification?

If there is a person in charge of checking the certification, the App VerificaC19 can be downloaded to his device; instead, if you prefer that resource to cover other tasks, we have the solution that’s right for you: the Green Pass reader for thermal imaging cameras!

It’s an additional device to the Covid-19 thermal imaging camera, which in addition to controlling the body temperature and the presence of the protective mask, allow an accurate and immediate verification of the Green Pass in a few seconds anda automatically.