In this unusual year of 2020 for everyone, IT solution, which is always open to new initiatives, has also made itself available to young students for university internships.
The aim of the internship is to put into practice all the theoretical concepts and techniques acquired during the three years of university.

A few days ago Giulia’s training ended and she described her experience in our company as follows.


Giulia’s experience

“My name is Giulia Bazzeato and I am in my third year of the Communication Science and Technologycourse at the University of Ferrara.
In November and December, I had the opportunity to do a 250-hour curricular internship at this company. Specifically, I worked in the marketing department of IT web, the business unit of IT Solution, which supports companies in the management and use of web and digital technology, through the development of websites, SEO positioning and social network management.

The goals previously agreed upon with the company tutor included the creation of company notice boards and the communication and sharing of content, necessary to make the products visible, through the use of social networks using online marketing tools.
These objectives were then put into practice during the placement mainly through the creation of articles for blogs on the websites of the different companies, created and edited by IT web. I also had the opportunity to manage the company’s social networks by creating content to be published as posts.

It was very interesting to see how corporate websites, social media and the publication of text and multimedia content are managed through software platforms such as WordPress.
These activities allowed me to put into practice the various theoretical notions I had learned while studying at university, as well as to project myself into a work context as similar as possible to my idea of future employment.

Right from the start I was placed in a pleasant and serene environment, all IT Solution staff were friendly, open to dialogue and willing to create a professional relationship focused on the trainee’s learning.
The curricular internship is an essential stage in any student’s university career, as it allows them to get closer to the working environment they are interested in and to clarify their ideas about their future.

The Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Technology offers various career paths, including: advertising technician, event organiser, public relations technician, press officer and social media manager.
IT Solution, or rather IT web, gave me the opportunity to get closer to the world of public relations and social media management at company level and personally it was an experience that made me mature, grow and allowed me to improve my communication, organisational and professional skills”.