Synetois a Hyperconverged Data Management platform that offers virtualization, built-in native backups, instant recovery and data recovery in a simple, fast and secure turnkey hyperconverged solution.

Syneto has multiple Server features with technology for both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: it gives you the ability to restore your data even up to a minute earlier and ensures you get your whole system back on track with a single click!


What does hyperconverged infrastructure mean?

The world of modern IT infrastructure is complex and difficult to manage: it includes servers, storage platforms, network switches and backup systems.
These various pieces that make up the IT puzzle are currently managed by separate infrastructures that are expensive and also difficult to manage. Also, with traditional infrastructures, the data recovery phase and restarting the system after an outage can take a very long time.
Instead, a hyperconverged infrastructure like Syneto solvestraditional IT challenges by putting all the separate pieces together: it combines compute, storage, and networking functions, greatly simplifying the infrastructure suite. Leverages the full hardware potential of today’s computing and storage resources in a single platform.


Syneto’s potential can be summarized as follows:

  • Simplified management: the presence of a single, simple interface facilitates management even for non-experts. For IT staff and executives, the existence of multiple interfaces is the opposite of simplicity. Traditional infrastructures are made up of several components, each with its own specific interface, so managing support is complicated, as is deploying new IT resources. Hyperconverged solutions include a single management interface so support is taken care of by a single vendor.
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency: the purchase price is low, it is easy to deploy, and it is simple to manage upgrades. In fact, hyperconverged solutions allow you to purchase your entire IT infrastructure from a single vendor at a lower price, rather than making separate purchases from multiple vendors.
  • Rapid deployment and recovery: Faster deployment and recovery of all IT assets, including business applications and other data.
    In traditional infrastructure, each component must be configured separately. Likewise, in the case of restoration, each component of the infrastructure must be restored independently. Because of this, average recovery times are equivalent to about 10 hours. Hyperconverged infrastructures leverage integrated, VM-centric backups, replication, and in some cases DR. As such, recovery times are greatly reduced!
  • No data loss: improves data protection mechanisms and enables fast and easy disaster recovery without risk of disruption and data loss.
    Data corruption is a real danger in traditional IT infrastructures. Moreover, third-party backup software can even cause data loss due to human error or interoperability issues. Hyperconverged solutions are software-defined, incorporating data corruption detection and self-healing technologies.

At the same time, VM-centric automated backup and replication technologies are designed into the platform from the start and work seamlessly together.