Backup, protection and maintenance are basic issues that our company tries to emphasize with its customers on a daily basis.
Ouch us, often when we recommend a targeted prevention against the damage that viruses and the like can cause to our PC, as well as an annual hardware and software cleaning, we are told “But yes, the PC goes, we’ll take care of it later …”. And with a very high probability, it’s not long before the poor PC reaches the so-called “point of no return” (or almost). The formatting of the system is always a delicate aspect, not so much for the technician who will have to perform it, but more for the customer who is literally terrified by the possible loss of the precious information contained in his machine. “We told you so” – a thought that often occurs to us but that we tend to suppress for obvious reasons – does not solve the problem, either before or after.
Aware by now of the many threats that can get our data into serious trouble, why continue to risk it? As IT solution we have decided to continue to push hard on this issue: our goal is not to do gratuitous terrorism but to raise awareness of prevention among a wider audience. In this sense, there are three simple measures that we propose:
  1. Keep updated your antivirus Prohibited to go cheap! It is the very first protection we give to our computer. There are many so-called free antivirus versions that we can download, each with its own features, but unfortunately it happens that many of these programs may conflict with other features/programs of the computer. From the experience gained over the years, IT solution relies and recommends two brands of antivirus in particular: Kasperskyand Eset Nod32.
  2. Generally perform hardware and software cleanup and update check annually. In order to avoid the classic cases of PCs that “crash” or, more simply, are very slow, it is good practice to dedicate a few hours at least once a year to remove all those files that are no longer in use and/or that the system downloads automatically (without us even noticing). Also in this case it is good not to underestimate this operation that can be of different magnitude depending on the amount of work/files contained in the PC.
  3. Always have a copy of your data then evaluate the most appropriate backupsolution. In this case, it’s about avoiding the most drastic aspect associated with poor PC maintenance – data loss. Nowadays there are numerous data storage devices on the market that vary depending on the amount of data you want to store, but even for these portable memories it is not possible to completely avoid the risk of virus infection. Better to opt for ad hoc solutions that can be of various kinds depending on the needs: from backup systems that allow you to connect even more devices (nas with 2 or 4 disks) to virtual solutions that, however, require an excellent Internet connection (the Cloud). In addition to these two possibilities IT solution presents a third option that allows you to kill “two birds with one stone”. This is the Synecare integrated solution: backup and Smart firewall with antivitus, antispam and access control in a single device in addition to a 3CX central unit.
In this month, not coincidentally the highlight of the seasonal flu, we decided to devote ourselves in particular to computer security: contact us or visit us to receive advice on precautions you can take to ensure your PC a “healthy life”!