The idea of smart home is now landed in Italy: in other occasions we have already talked about Internet of Things and how this modern and seemingly inevitable lifestyle is evolving day by day with significant benefits for its users but also with some risk for the “less practical”.

The latest news that comes from the smart world concerns one of the basic services associated with the house, delight but then cross of its users: we are talking about the heating system, which these periods makes us breathe a sigh of relief when we cross the threshold of the house … but will instead have a breathtaking effect in a few weeks with the arrival of the bill. To introduce in our country the novelty in question is Nest: American startup founded in 2010 and acquired after four years by Google for more than three billion dollars. In the last six years, Nest has reached 190 countries around the world with its solutions, and its main markets are 10, in addition to the United States. The product presented by Nest is a real thermostat with an elegant design and obviously connected to the Internet in addition to the boiler: thanks to the presence of sensors, this thermostat has the ability to receive day after day movements and habits associated with the ideal temperature of the tenants of the house, in addition to weather conditions learned in digital format. The processing of all this information allows the device to program itself, calibrating more efficiently the moment of switching on and off the boiler or air conditioning system. And we could not miss the ability to “monitor” the operation of the thermostat remotely via app! It is estimated that the reduction of consumption through the application of this device can even reach 20% (with variations that depend on the characteristics of the house).

Not only thermostats. Nest is also presenting itself to the Italian public with two other smart products: indoor and outdoor cameras. Also associated with remote control, they allow you to have an eye – high definition – constantly pointed at your home and have the ability to launch alarms/notifications in case of particular problems as well as being equipped with night vision and microphone and speaker. The recordings from these cameras allow you to go back in time up to 30 days.

However, the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector, which sends voice alerts and notifications to your smartphone in the event of a problem, is not yet available.