IT solution has once again made itself available to welcome young students into its structure for university internships. During these periods, students will put into practice all the theoretical concepts and techniques learned during the three years of university.
Today, at our company, Sara begins her training; she has written a few lines to introduce herself and to share her expectations with us.


Sara’s introduction for the company

“My name is Sara Chiorboli, and I am in my final year of studying Language Mediation in Advertising, International Marketing and Public Relations at CIELS University in Padua. From this week until the beginning of October, for a total of 150 hours, I will work as an intern at IT Solution.

The three-year degree aims to train experts with a know-how of business management, with particular reference to the communication processes of companies. This course aims to train experts capable of using all the tools of interlingual communication, from advertising, on which the promotion of goods and services is traditionally based, to the new media linked to the Internet, which allow a strong personalisation of messages and an explicit interaction with the interlocutor.

I am starting this internship ready to apply the knowledge acquired during my years of university education. This is a great opportunity to enrich my knowledge and skills. During my university studies, I became very interested in disciplines such as Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Theory and Techniques of Advertising Languages, Marketing for Business Internationalization and many others, which opened a window on the world of marketing and communication. The resulting training will enhance my skills and make my course of study complete through practical field work. I am ready to work hard, excited to get involved and experience what it is like to work with a well-prepared and efficient team.
This internship will also be an essential part of my final dissertation, which will allow me to enter the working world for which I am studying”.


All we have left to do is welcome her and wish her all the best for this new experience and also for her future professional career!