Smart working, cloudand security.

The rapid evolution of technology is a huge growth opportunity for companies wishing to take advantage of investments made in digital technology to add value to their business.

The theme of corporate communication and collaboration is becoming more and more insistent year by year for two main reasons: corporate resources such as employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers are more and more geographically spread, and second because technologies such as social networks, chats and video-calling tools have profoundly changed the communication between people, making it faster. This implies that both employees and customers have a high expectation of the introduction of these technologies in the business environment, both internally and externally.

It is therefore essential for companies to make their working environment smart, giving all employees and collaborators the possibility to use the necessary tools to communicate in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.
That’s why Cloud Based Collaboration Suites are becoming a necessity for all companies that want to keep up with the times, allowing them to manage IT projects and more in an efficient way.


The advantages of the collaboration suite.

Increase interaction between employees wherever they are and maintain maximum security. It’s not science fiction, it’s Cloud!

Collaboration suite services allow data and information to be shared in real time and remotely. In the context of Industry 4.0 we often hear about Cloud Computing and services. cloud-based: this is a key element in the digital transformation process under way in companies, which started to develop some ten years ago and is revolutionising many internal processes in both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cloud technology makes it possible to exploit both software and hardware resources via a remote server and to store and manage huge amounts of data. Needless to say, managing data quickly and securely is a primary concern for every company.
Thanks to these cloud services, archiving, storing and securely preserving one’s own data has become much simpler and more efficient, enabling companies to have all the data or documents they need at their fingertips at all times.

Communication within the company itself between all employees also needs to be increasingly smart and intuitive so that data and information can be exchanged instantaneously.


Our Cloud Based collaboration suitesolution.

For more than 10 years we have been offering the best online data management service and 100% of our customers are happily working in Smart Working without stopping.

To meet all these needs, we have developed the best collaboration suite for cloud-based companies.A kind of “cloud” that is nothing more than a data storage space that can be accessed and modified at any time and in any place simply by means of an internet connection. Ourcloud-based suite therefore allows authorised persons to access files in real time and from anywhere to download, edit and update files, without the need for USB sticks or external hard drives.
In addition, the suites are constantly updated and above all securein terms of privacy: thanks to regular backups and centralized control by IT administrators, there is no need to fear for the security of company data.

This kind of service not only allows for systematic continuity, but also leads to a net decrease in hardware maintenance costs and an increase in internal collaboration. This is why companies are increasingly opting for collaboration suite solutions, the key word in business processes has become sharing.

It is therefore logical to deduce that the collaboration suite is also closely linked to the topic of smart working. The concept of the distributed office and teleworking is based on the fact that those who are connected remotely can access the same files as those who are physically in the office. Accessibilityis undoubtedly an essential element for companies wishing to increase their business through smart working.


Why move from a physical server to a Cloudsystem.
The future is in the clouds and we will make you fly.

The ‘key features’ of a good collaboration suite, therefore, could be summarised as follows:

  • Ease of use: usability also plays a key role in cloud services, including in particular the possibility to create or edit files in an intuitive way. If the aim is to share documents with colleagues, a cloud service that is quick and easy to navigate is a must.
  • Security level: cloud services, like any web tool, are subject to some risk of privacy and security breaches. Therefore, a good data sharing service must protect files in all possible ways, e.g. through encryption, backup strategies or firewalls.
  • Storage space: For companies, it is essential to have all documents and work files available at all times, even the oldest ones. This is why a good cloud service allows you to monitor the amount of storage space, i.e. the amount of content you can store on the server.

It goes without saying that, today, every company on the market should understand the importance and functionality of these tools and exploit them to ensure their business makes the quantum leap needed to be present and recognisable today and in the future.

Grace Murray Hopper, a pioneer in the field of information technology, claims that the most dangerous phrase of all is: “We have always done it this way.”
Habit may seem to be the best way forward, but it is curiosity that drives us to go further and achieve greater and unthinkable results.


Giorgia Previati


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