As we have always been strong supporters of the concept of information security and the conscious use of information tools, we cannot fail to share the important initiatives organized with reference to this topic. Our activity leads us to deal with adult users, and already for this target group we very often find inadequate IT education (just a few days ago we talked about what gloomy scenarios await us in terms of cybersecurity for the year that has just begun). In addition to the problems usually encountered by adults, there are further dangers that can have serious consequences not only in material terms but also in psychological terms.
The initiative we are therefore pleased to share is Safer Internet Day (SID), i.e. World Internet Safety Day.


Together for a better Internet

It is an annual event first established in 2004 and organised at international level with the support of the European Commission. This year the SID will be celebrated on 5 February (tomorrow) and the motto will be ‘Together for a better internet’. The aim of this day is to get young people to think not only about the conscious use of the Internet, but also about the active and responsible rolethey play in making the Internet a positive and safe place.
In Italy, in particular, the choice was made to focus on the important action that schools and families can take in alliance with each other: always mindful of the fact that the issue of on-line safety is absolutely topical and everyday, it should be noted that most surfers are not aware of the risky situations they may encounter and, if so, what action to take.


The events

During the SID, meetingswill be developed in various Italian locations. Obviously, information is the basis for the events on the calendar, but the discussion of the issues addressed with students, institutions, experts and professionals will also be very important. In conjunction with the SID, the national day against bullying and cyberbullying will be held again this year, in its second edition and aimed mainly at schools of all levels that have chosen to organise events or information activities for pupils and families. All the events scheduled in Italy for tomorrow can be consulted on the Generazioni Connesse website.