IT solution-Sophos: new partnership for cyber security

Taking care of computer security is something that never goes old, quite the contrary! Continuous adjustments should be made. As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is imperative that defence tools do the same. Fully embracing this philosophy, IT solution never stops looking around for the best solutions on the market. This led to a new partnership with Sophos, a British company that has been developing antivirus and encryption solutions for over 30 years and is a leader in centralised security.

Sophos’ vision

Sophos’ research and formulation of technological responses aims to address and resolve three key issues:

  1. understand if one is attacked;
  2. equip themselves with technologies capable of correlating the events taking place within an information system and network architecture;
  3. synchronise answers.

Keyword: centralised security

The British company has therefore distinguished itself by being the first to bring a synchronised security cloud technology platform to the market. This means that this platform allows all devices that make up the network infrastructure to correlate events with each other, collaborate and verify through a single management console the possible presence of attacks not detectable with a common antivirus.

Sophos solutions, in addition to the consumer segment, are aimed at all types of businesses to offer all-round protection. For more information contact us!