Waiting for the arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update – according to some rumors the next 11 April – Microsoft makes it known that the next Windows 10 update will bring several new features related to security. Further steps have therefore been made to improve the protection tool already in use and better known as Windows Defender.

In particular, with the Creators Update the Windows Defender Security Center will make its debut, which will let you control security functions more easily and understand how they work. The novelty isn’t only at the “visual” level with a good organization, but especially in the measures that the program itself adopts.

  • One innovation is the introduction of memory and kernel sensors that can detect in real time any malicious activity within the operating system.
  • Microsoft has also decided to introduce a machine learning system within Windows Defender in order to update the definitions/detection of threats such as ransomware and other advanced attacks, applying security policies even retroactively up to 6 months. Freedom also for users to add custom detection rules or indicators of compromise.
  • A third new feature is the fact that Windows Defender offers security teams a set of tools to monitor an ongoing attack and then block access of a particular file to the network by isolating the machine, “killing” and quarantining infected processes or files.