Nowadays, teamwork is at the basis of all successful businesses and, when it comes to telecommunications, the idea of networking can only be linked to this concept. The team in this case is represented by several partners, complementary service providers whose synergy results in effective and highly competitive solutions.

IT solution has also embraced this way of doing business by becoming a promoter, but above all by personally using a combination of tools and services for connectivity and telecommunications with optimal performance and at the same time with immediate cost savings. It starts from the need to have a single infrastructure, complete but streamlined: this need can be easily met with VoIPtechnology. (Voice over Internet Protocol) that in telecommunications and in the information technology sector is a technology that makes it possible to make a phone conversation using an Internet connection or any other dedicated packet-switched network that uses the IP protocol. The advantages associated to VoIP are not only economic: the saving is directly connected to the possibility to keep up with the times, favoring working modalities that are slowly taking place also in our country, one of all the smart working (more details in the dedicated article “Smart working: how to reconcile work and free time increasing productivity”).

As far as VoIP technologies are concerned, IT solution is partner of VoipVoice, Florentine company born in 2006 and currently the first Business Oriented VoIP Provider in Italy. VoipVoice is part of Digitel Italia to which it entrusts the technical part of the services provided. All this is made concrete through the use of telephone equipment suitable to support these technologies, with excellent performance in terms of quality of transmissions and multiple features: for this IT solution relies on the German Snom.

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