Today’s business is faced with increasingly numerous and complex requirements, such as new cloud delivery models, extreme data proliferation and the need to offer new services in a matter of days. These are assignments that require computing power, dynamism and coordination that traditional technology can no longer keep up with. Many IT organizations have initiated server virtualization and cloud computing programs to address this problem, but in most cases, undertaking such projects is costly and time-consuming. What many businesses need is a system that is simple, easy to install, and where every element works in unison. This is where the alternative of hyperconverged systems comes in: simple to use and able to guarantee high reliability and gradual development. The term hyperconvergencerefers to a software-structured IT system that integrates computing, storage, networking and virtualization resources, making them available on commodity hardware and with support from a single vendor. Within a hyperconverged system, physically comprised of a single object, each element is pre-installed, pre-configured and designed to scale without the need for a separate SAN; the complex is extended by adding nodes that will easily add to the base structure.

Using this mode, you can manage data center services such as servers, storage, and networking with a single application. Hyperconverged systems optimize the management of complex infrastructures by centralizing the management of virtual environments through a single interface, speeding workloads, improving operations and, most importantly, lowering the cost of ownership (TCO) due to the reduced number of components compared to traditional systems, compact size and power and cooling efficiency. Another benefit that should not be underestimated is that maintaining the functionality of a hyperconverged system does not require a team of IT specialists, but in the vast majority of cases a general IT worker will be able to bring it online and take care of the day-to-day management.

The benefits of hypoconvergence, then, are enjoyed by both the business and the IT department.

Marcello Argenti

IT solution has long understood the advantages described above and has included a practical, complete and advanced hyperconvergent solution in its service offering.

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