The new bill on competition is a very topical issue, and we at IT solution have also reported on it a few days ago – through our Facebook page – mentioning the news for the world of professionals and, in particular, the obligation to submit the quote in writing. Among the rules introduced by the Dl on competition there are also some that concern mobile telephony… a sector that has proved, at least in these early days of application, quite unprepared. The operators in question have not had time to adapt to any of the new consumer protection rules: here’s what the Ddl requires and how operators are currently positioned.


New rules

Current Status

Contract Duration Not to exceed 24 months 30 months
Termination or transfer of user Charges aligned with the price of the contract and the costs actually supported by the telephone operator (information made explicit when signing the contract). Operators state that they are able to align with the standard.
Cancellation The termination process should be as easy as the underwriting process. Very time-consuming procedures that involve sending registered mail or Pec.
Numbers and surcharge Calculation of calls to geographic numbers begins when the operator answers. Operators have shown they are not yet ready; negotiations with service providers are still ongoing.
Unsolicited services Subscriptions and paid services can only be activated with user consent. Operators state that user consent is already required…in reality in many cases it is a silence of consent.


Sara Avanzi