Condivisione e sincronizzazione dati in azienda

Cloud Nextserver is a flexible open source servicefor sharing and synchronising data. The service it offers is similar to that provided by other players (Google drive, Dropbox business, Office 365, etc.), but in this case the documents reside on a dedicated server in the cloud: this means having full control of your data without any limitations. The service combines convenience and ease of use with business needs for security, privacy and control.

Why choose Cloud Nextserver

The features of Cloud Nextserver are many.

  • It allows you to work anywhere: you can have your data available at all times, via web, smartphone, tablet and regardless of the operating system you use (Windows, Linux, Mac Os, iOS, Android).
  • It offers unlimited space for data storage: you can use as much space as you need and increase it if necessary.
  • It guarantees privacy and security thanks to encrypted communications and reliable backups (the platform is GDPR Compliant, i.e. it complies with the new European Data Protection Regulation).
  • It features an automatic update of all critical modules (virus definition, anti-spam rules, etc…..) and remote monitoring via the service centre that checks that the system is working properly and alerts the administrator in the event of problems.
  • It protects all communications and archives with an integrated anti-virus and anti-spam systemusing the latest technology.
  • It integrates powerful functionality to monitor data exchange and communication with file access control and workflow functionality.

Within Cloud Nextserver you can manage, edit, shareand synchronise data, files, calendars, notes, tasks, contacts, chat, video call and view mail. There is no limitation in editing online documents, you can work with files of any size and complexity. It offers apps for mobile devices, clients for major desktop operating systems and a modular architecture that allows new functions to be added or the software to be integrated with other third-party programmes and services.

Would you like to use the Cloud Nextserver service free of charge for one year?