Yesterday I, Sara from the marketing department, and my colleague Alberto from the technical department, had the opportunity to attend for the first time the Campus Value Experience event at the Hotel Enterprise in Milan. The event, organized by the Esprinet group and in particular by the companies V-Valley, Mosaico and EDSlan, developed as a tour de force of training meetings conducted by the main players of the ICT market. Twenty-four training sessions in parallel on several meeting rooms have accompanied us throughout the day: all structured according to a precise logic that has allowed us to focus on specific topics. We talked about security, GDPR, virtualization, smart working, open source, cloud computing, networking, enterprise software: the presentations, lasting an average of thirty minutes, were curated by the various partners of the event. Some of them were already familiar names to us as we are configured as resellers of their products and services, for example Kaspersky Lab, VMware, Veeam, Trend Micro, Acronis, etc.. Of course, we were also curious to know the other partners present and their products and services developed to meet today’s needs.

Personally, I devoted much of my training yesterday to the issue of GDPR and how the quest for security for a company’s data is an issue directly related to the new regulation. It goes without saying that the GDPR becomes an opportunity – as well as an obligation to be fulfilled – for companies that intend to invest in protection: it is really the case to say that they will kill two birds with one stone! Of the products and services presented in the various speeches, however, the “Coca-Cola formula” has not yet leaked out: despite the fact that the new regulation is already in force, if not at the level of sanctions, the impression is that companies are still looking around, studying each other’s moves.

Alberto has instead dedicated himself to the more technical aspects dealt with by the brands already known to us but also by other companies active in the field of cyber security, open source and virtualization. The various solutions proposed – some of which are already integrated with each other – differ in small features, but overall they all point in the same direction: the future is cloud, although there are still many hesitations on the part of companies to opt for this solution.

Sara Avanzi