Server Cloud: OK but where is it located? This may seem a trivial question, but it is not.
Those who entrust their business management to the Cloud often ask themselves questions of this kind:today we will try to shed some light on this.

Technically, a cloud server can be anywhere: in a data centre on the other side of the world, in an IT worker’s office or even just in the basement behind the house of a improvised provider.


What’s a server?

In computer science, a server is a high-performance computer that in a network provides a service to other connected computers, called client. Examples of servers are the e-mail server, the server that handles the sorting of telematic messages, the ftp server, set up for transferring files over the Internet using the FTP protocol.


What’s the Cloud?

The term refers to the online storage spacethat you have at your disposal: just think, for example, of the one that everyone uses with smartphones, which allows you to access your documents from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

By combining things, when a server is geo-located in a place other than its own location it takes on the characteristic of a cloud server or remote server.

Buying a server or any cloud service often means saving time and money: with the cloud you only pay for what you consume.

The concept is based on scalability and flexibility: the infrastructure can be composed of one or more servers, with the possibility of expansion or reduction in real time depending on requirements, in a simple way and without initial investment, paying only for the resources used without waste of any kind.
Just a few clicks and you can set up the resources you need for your business!


IT Solution’s Cloud Server

The IT solution cloud server is a private cloud service, redundant and guaranteed by our infrastructure.

It is possible to choose the type of server and configure its characteristics to access the virtual infrastructure, which may consist of one or more servers. Our network gives you the possibility to choose between 2 datacentres in Italy, allowing you to activate your services in a few minutes and with maximum security.

Our data centers are certified at the highest levels for the resilience and infrastructural quality required by the ANSI/TIA 942 standard.

Furthermore, our servers are geographically redundant, which means that they implement redundancy techniques to guarantee high performance, maximum security and above all continuity of service: we can guarantee a data recovery time of only 8 hours even in the event of a disaster recovery.