A few days ago, at the WMworld event held in Las Vegas from August 27 to 31, the joint-stock company WMware – which deals with developing software aimed at creating virtual machines for X86 systems – presented a whole series of services and products designed to support companies oriented towards digitization and the use of the Hybrid-Cloud. These solutions can provide enterprises with end-to-end visibility into costs, network traffic, instrumental control of metrics and analytics, while also providing consistent security across all clouds, public and private.

Below we present a roundup of WMware’s new features along with a brief description.


WMware Cost Insight helps IT analyze cloud expenses by monitoring and optimizing costs, communicating them to the enterprise and supporting them in finding savings opportunities. This service allows IT specialists to verify aggregate cloud spending, identify the distribution coefficients and reroute investments to strategic business priorities with cost transparency.

VMware Network Insight is designed for security, network analysis and software-defined data center and public cloud capabilities. Provides a comprehensive view of the network and deep understanding of traffic flows to enable seamless cloud security planning and troubleshooting. Equipped with best practice controls, an intuitive user interface and search option, makes it easy for cloud administrators to manage VMware NSX and issues with NSX deployments.

VMware AppDefense is a data center endpoint security product designed to protect applications running in VMware vSphere-based environments. AppDefense is able, by leveraging vSphere, to fully understand the dynamics of how an application running on a virtual machine works, immediately detect any abnormal change, and, by relying on vSphere and VMware NSX, automate the correct response.

VMware Discovery is an automated inventory system that brings together information from multiple cloud accounts, making it easier for IT to find and clearly identify workloads across the enterprise. Using predefined native tags and properties, VMware Discovery enables you to organize your cloud resources in a way that best reflects your business needs.

WMware NSX Cloud– through a single management console and common APIs – provides consistent networking and security for applications located in multiple public and private clouds. Micro-segmentation security policy is defined once, and then adopted across all application workloads running on multiple clouds in virtual networks, zones and availability zones.

Monitoring of traffic flows, IP addressing, and protocols used in public clouds is made more precise by network overlay. Simplifying and scaling operations, improving standardization, compliance, and lowering OPEX for applications in public clouds are the particular benefits of NSX Cloud consistency and control.

Wavefront by WMware offers real-time instrument control and metrics analysis, and a streaming analytics platform designed to optimize modern clouds and applications. Wavefront, with its speed, scalability and flexibility, enables developers to instantly know the extent of performance relative to high-distributed cloud-native services. Wavefront’s scalable database, by providing analytics, alerts, interactive visualizations and open APIs, helps DevOps teams locate function anomalies and ensure high availability of key cloud services. Developers can tailor Wavefront analytics to the unique needs of their code, refining visibility into production.

VMware Cloud Foundation is VMware’s unified software-defined data center (SDDC) platform for the hybrid cloud. Designed to accelerate IT’s time to market, it offers a natively integrated software stack including a complete set of software-defined compute, storage, networking and security tools. VMware Cloud Foundation establishes a common foundation between private and public clouds, and can be flexibly deployed on premise or used as a service in the cloud and used to run traditional and cloud-native applications in containers.

Marcello Argenti