What emerges from the GDPR consultancy work carried out since the beginning of the year is that 90 per cent of Italian companies do not have good management of their email services. In fact, little importance is given to what is the main communication tool for a company, and the critical issues linked to the spread of viruses or malware, the immediate consequences of poorly managed systems, are underestimated. It is now of paramount importance to equip oneself with an appropriate corporate communication system, not only in view of the conditions imposed by the recent General Data Protection Regulation, but also to develop communication skills in a fast and intuitive way. It is therefore important to choose a suitable and versatile suite of applications that is then managed with a communication protocol that complies with the constraints imposed by the GDPR; the old and outdated POP3 protocol (created in the mid-1980s!) is still widely used, despite no longer meeting the conditions of the European privacy regulation. The solutions we offer, which can be consulted on our website, are aimed precisely at solving these problems, which are neglected in the vast majority of cases, but which often lead to significant losses of time and money.

Marco Serico