The consensus towards the latest operating system from the house of Microsoft continues to grow: according to the data presented by the latest report from NetMarketShare in January 2017, the market share of Windows 10 has exceeded 25%. A percentage point more than in the previous month: certainly the Christmas period with the sale of many new PCs has helped this important growth at the expense of the operating systems that preceded the 10. In any case, since a year ago, the growth of Windows 10 has undoubtedly been remarkable and rapid considering that at the beginning of 2016 its market share was 11.85%.

Although losing a few points, Windows 7 is still looking down on everyone with a 47.2% share; at the same time, the performance of Windows XP is quite surprising, despite the fact that it is no longer supported by the Redmond parent company, it continues to hold a 9.17% share, registering a small growth compared to the previous month. The Windows 8.1 version is not particularly noteworthy as it maintains a stable market share at 6.90%.

Overall, Microsoft operating systems continue to lead the way, occupying over 90% of the overall market. The rest of the pie is shared almost equally by Max OS X 10.12 (2.75%) and Linux (2.27%) and 12 other operating systems with small shares ranging from 0.01% to a maximum of 1.73%.