Our customers are the central driver of our business and satisfyingthem fully is one of the main goalswe try to pursue on a daily basis. Modern consumers are increasingly self-sufficient, and many prefer to find answers on their own instead of calling a support line.
IT Solution, always in step with the news and dedicated to improving its lines of communication, has decided to offer its customers an additional tool: the Technical Support Center.


The Technical Support Centre

The Technical Support Center is currently online and can be easily located through our website at https://supporto.itsolutionsrl.it/.
The Center is dedicated to receiving requests for assistance and cataloging useful information for our customers.
There are several sections, including a FAQs category, where our customers can easily find a direct and illustrated solution to their problem, even before being followed by one of our technicians.
This section contains the most frequently asked questions, the most common doubts of the community and their answers from customer support.
The Technical Support Center aims to help our customers, through remote support. Our new service is totally and completely free of charge, ready to receive your requests.



The benefits of this Support Center are many:

  1. When you need our assistance, you don’t have to waste time contacting us by phone or waiting to speak to the first available technician. Just access the site and with a few clicks your request will arrive directly to our technicians.
    Requests for support will therefore arrive quickly and immediately, allowing us to work immediately on the type of assistance required.
  2. As a result, our technicians will also provide an equally quick response, ensuring that your service is satisfactory and fast.