google pay

Google has also embraced the digital payment method, which officially arrived in Italy in recent days. A fairly predictable move, considering that other big names in the sector such as Samsung and Applehad already opted for this service over a year ago. The service, Google Pay, can be used to make purchases or settle payments, both online and offline, provided that the retailer has signed up to Google Pay itself.


A rich digital wallet

To understand how this service works, just imagine having a digital wallet with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, but also loyalty or gift cards, plane tickets, reservations, etc.


How to use Google Pay

Basically, all transactions go through this digital wallet, which can also be used in physical shops via the smartphone. In this case, the merchant must have a state-of-the-art POS compatible with contactless payments. Obviously, the Google Pay app must be installed on the smartphone and one’s own payment cards must be associated with the account. Before making a payment, the NFC (Near Field Communication) function must be activated, the device unlocked and brought close to the POS. Proximity will allow the exchange of information necessary for the transaction, strictly in encrypted mode.


Google reassures on safety

Big G could not help but do things securely and specified that data used in transactions will never be shared or even stored on the smartphone. The careless or those who fear that their smartphone may be lost or stolen can therefore sleep soundly: all they need to do is block it from the Android ‘Find My Device’ function in order to prevent unauthorised payments (security systems such as PIN, fingerprint or face scanning still apply).

Sara Avanzi