Those who reopened their doors on 2 January have already begun to experience the joys and sorrows of electronic invoicing. Yes, because the fateful January 2019 has arrived and with it the obligation, introduced by the 2018 Budget Law, to issue – following the supply of goods and services carried out between persons resident or established in Italy – invoices exclusively in electronic format.


Slowdowns and blockages already at the end of 2018

In this context, the Internal Revenue Service provided a web-based platform for receiving and storing tax documents, but as one might expect, at a time when everyone is scrambling to adapt, the platform itself has failed.
Even on the second day of operation, there were significant problems on the platform: messages such as ‘the system is currently unavailable’ caused unpleasant problems. It even seems that these critical issues had already been reported in the last days of 2018.
According to the Internal Revenue Service, there is no problem. It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves in the coming days.