High-level dental clinic

The Dental Offices of Dr. Princivalle, based in Rovigo and Porto Tolle, are two technologically advanced structures born in 2008, which boast a team of professionals with twenty years of experience in the dental field.

The owner, Dr. Stefano Princivalle, immediately wanted to createspecialized health structures for the medical branch of dentistry, which deal, with the help of the latest technology offered by the market, of complete, efficient dentistry, painless and modern.

There are many services offered, from classic dental hygiene to complex oral surgery, from prosthetics to implantology without forgetting the aesthetic medicine of the lips and lower third of the face.

The intervention of IT solution


IT solution comes into contact with Dr. Princivalle in the fall of 2019. The main criticality complained by the doctor is of a communicative nature: the dental practices he directs are present on the web (website, Facebook page, etc.) but there is no coordinated communication between these elements that allows you to strengthen and improve your presence on the www. .

During the interview with the IT solution web marketing team, Dr. Princivalle also reported the willingness to offer an all-round service, i.e. not to use the web as a mere tool to attract new leads, but also to strengthen the relationship with existing customers by offering information services complementary to what they can learn within Education.


IT solution, having heard the owner’s needs and once carried out an in-depth analysis of the web presence of the dental practices, found the need to give a new face to the practices themselves through the website. The basic idea of ​​the project is to reveal all the professionalism that distinguishes the structures, the team and the services offered, as well as the total devotion to the dental practice and the success of the activitiescarried out on patients.

As a corollary to the presentation of the study, a couple of information elements have been included on the site through which customers and potential customers can find the necessary information in case of problems and for the prevention of them. All coordinated with social networks.

Why choose Cloud & Web Marketing?

In particular…

… the activity carried out by IT solution involved the following aspects:

  • HOSTING – Domain transfer and standard hosting management.
  • BASIC SEO OPTIMIZATION – SEO indexing activities in order to make the website more visible from search engines, especially from google.
  • DESIGN – Design, development and publication of the website on CMS WordPress according to the requirements imposed by the customer and the target to which the project is intended:
    • Analysis of customer requests
    • Wireframe – Analysis on the distribution of contents within the web page
    • Mockup – Graphic layout of the web page according to the previous point
  • CONTENTS – Management and insertion of information and multimedia contents within the new website with attention to the size and compatibility of the components themselves.
  • TRAINING – 4 hours of staff training for the correct use of the website.
  • MULTIMEDIA – Creation of multimedia content to be included in the website.
  • Manutenzione e gestione sito web – Aggiornamento dei componenti del CMS (piattaforma di gestione del sito web) e relativo Template Grafico. Content management in collaboration with the customer.

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