A rapid ascent

Lesko srlis a company founded in 2003, a leader in the field of aluminum production both in the construction sector and in other areas. The head office is in Italy, flanked by three other production sites in Albania, the United Arab Emirates and Ghana. Lesko boasts the largest customers in Italy, Switzerland, France, Ethiopia, Panama, Malta, Morocco, Australia and Pakistan.

Lesko produces Multifunction Systems which, combined with each other, make it possible to create an infinite range of products such as sunshades, parapets, designer furnishings, lighting fixtures and load-bearing structures.
Lesko also produces Systems for the building envelope: facades for buildings and offices, thermally insulated doors and windows, sliding systems with visible or all-glass profiles, windows for shops and shopping centers, facade cladding in metal or composite aluminum / in micro-perforated sheet metal / in glass, in constant collaboration with the partner Schüco.

The intervention of IT solution


IT solution has supported Lesko srl, through its services, for all aspects of an IT nature since 2013.
Over the years, by Lesko, several requests for assistance and consultancy have been made in various fields: from pure IT technical support, to more specific consultancy, of a system and web nature.
In 2017 Lesko decided to renovate a large part of the information systems to introduce new technologies based on system resilience. Specifically, the intervention of IT solution was requested for:

  • Increase the reliability and stability of information systems.
  • Improve performance in the application area, especially in the use of management software.
  • Improve the efficiency of telephone systems.
  • Solve any problems related to wear of networking devices.
  • Adapt the security standards present on the IT network in order to guarantee fast data recovery even in the event of disaster recovery.


IT solution carried out an in-depth audit through the use of diagnostic tools and infrastructure monitoring, and then adapted the systems to the most modern standards on the market, in particular:

  • It has installed a highly reliable system consisting of two hosts and a shared storage which, thanks to VMware technologies, is able to respond comprehensively to all needs.
  • It has installed a virtualized firewalland a VoIP telephone switchboard capable of fully exploiting the performance of the previously certified data network.
  • It has introduced the use of new Snom VoIP phones supported by cti clients to be able to monitor incoming and outgoing calls via software.
  • It migrated corporate email services to our cloud datacenter to improve service performance while eliminating the risk of information loss.
  • The hosting services have been taken over by our laboratories to ensure adequate efficiency and security of the systems.

Why choose the Cloud Server?

In particular…

… through our intervention:

  • We have equipped the customer with two latest generation HPe DL380 servers with 10Gbe connectivity.
  • We have installed external storage, shared between the two servers to ensure high reliability services of the systems, as well as an almost immediate restore in case of anomalies or ramsonware infections.
  • We have replaced the old unmanaged switches with new Vlan-enabled L2 devices for separation of operating environments and client isolation.
  • We have installed a latest generation UTM firewall mounted on VM to guarantee, even in this case, greater reliability (also eliminating the risks of hardware failure).
  • We have installed a VoIP telephone exchange on VM to ensure better efficiency of the telephone systems.
  • We have introduced Sophos endpoint technologies to effectively increase security across the network.
  • We have migrated the corporate mail server to our Cloud infrastructure.
  • We managed all hosting services based on our datacenter.
  • We have set up backups and snapshots in order to guarantee very low RTO and RPO and in any case proportionate to the customer’s needs.

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