Noble garlic since 1965

The Cervati family, originally from Gavello, began producing, processing and marketinggarlicof Venetian origin in the 1960s.
Since 1994, under the leadership of Lauretta Cervati, the company has been transformed, laying the foundations for a thriving Import Export. At the end of the 1990s the new plants were inaugurated in Villadose (Rovigo).

Thanks to the use of high-tech machinery and the new production capacity, the company is able to offer a wide range of products in an extremely short time.
At the center of a dense network of contacts all over the world, Cervati can select the best products: garlic, shallots, ginger, once they arrive at the Villadose site they are processed and packaged.
Always ready for new markets, the Cervati company has also established new product lines: the Bio Nature line starting from its own “Lauretta” organic farm and the Gourmet line with black garlic and garlic cream.

The intervention of IT solution


Cervati has been an IT solution customer since 2018. We have been contacted by the property to resolve some security issuesarising from a cyber attack with attempted fraud.
After one of our audits, Cervati decided to renew most of the information systems and to introduce new technologies based on the resilience of the systems.

The customer’s first requests can be summarized as follows:

  • Extend the existing data network, improving its security and reliability.
  • Lower the management costs related to connectivity and telephony.
  • Activate infrastructure monitoring.
  • Define and improve recovery times in case of failure.
  • Produce technical documentation of information systems.







IT solution, after carrying out a thorough auditof the infrastructure, through the use of diagnostic and monitoring tools, performed the following corrective actions:

  • Adjusted the data network by installing new layer 2 switches with related security policies and configured separate vlan for company areas of interest.
  • Created point-to-point wi-fi network for multi-site communication.
  • New server rack cabinet installed.
  • Reset the servers present(physical) as vmware hypervisor.
  • Migrated all physical machines on the new virtualized systems.
  • Migrated all analogue telephone lines to VoIP with the relative introduction of a new telephone switchboard.
  • Deactivated lines no longer needed with cost mitigation.
  • New “Eolo” connectivity installed as main provider and relative backup connection, balanced by the firewall, with LTE technology.
  • Definition of backup and fail-over policies for internet lines.
  • Client isolation policy definition.
  • Manual drafting and network organization chart.
  • Staff training.

All the activity was carried out with the funds made available by the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo in relation to the “Digital Vouchers – Enterprise 4.0” project.
All the consultancy necessary for the presentation of the application for admission to the call and relative final balance was followed by our specialized staff.

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