Even Polesine had to reckon with the tight controls of the Fiamme Gialle aimed at warding off computer pirates. As many as 34 illegal softwares have been seized in the whole province of Rovigo in an operation concluded in these days and coordinated by the Special Unit for the Protection of Intellectual Property of the Guardia di Finanza (Italian finance police). Specifically, the operation has seen the conduct of 121 inspections at the headquarters of as many companies located throughout the country and aimed at finding the regular possession and use of software used in various economic activities. Each operational team in the various territories of the peninsula has seen the work of specialists of the Guardia di Finanza dedicated to detect even the most remote and hidden contents of the virtual memories of computer media. At the end of the inspection, various methods of copyright infringement were found: from the most common form of software piracy, i.e., the installation of software on a greater number of “machines” than provided for by the license, to the “crack”, i.e., the use of illegal programs that generate a key or an activation code and allow the conversion of a basic version into a complete and professional one.