Boundless technology has walked right into the kitchen. Today we talk about a novelty arrived on the Italian market: it is the Samsung Family Hub, a super revolutionary refrigerator equipped with useful functions for the organization of their “food day” without food waste … and not just that! In addition to the dimensions (it is a double-door refrigerator with a total capacity of 550 liters for 182.5 cm in height in class A +), the new product of the Korean company is distinguished from other models on the market for the presence of a large display of 21” equipped with Android operating system. The display, integrated directly on the front of the refrigerator, has the ability to turn into an interactive whiteboard on which to share notes, appointments, photos and notes with other devices. Another amazing example of a smart home! But of course there are also features specifically dedicated to the context “kitchen”: the Samsung Family Hub is in fact equipped with three internal cameras that allow you to keep under control the foodinside. Connecting your smartphone and with the use of an ad-hoc application, you can order your groceries according to your needs and have them delivered directly to your home, or you can buy only what you need. Stop wasting food thanks to the Food Reminder function, through which you can check the expiration date of food on the screen even remotely. Even, for a better preservation of food, the Triple Cooling system allows to manage independently the three compartments, ensuring the best preservation conditions in each compartment and avoiding the exchange of odors. You can’t miss the cooking tips and to make the preparation of your meals even more enjoyable you can take advantage of the multimedia component to play music and streaming through an integrated audio speaker system.

Sara Avanzi